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We Buy Oats

Prairie Lakes Milling is committed to the producer. We are bonded and licensed with the Canadian Grain Commission ensuring safe business transactions for everyone. Our unloading infrastructure is fast and effective; No lineups! We also have flexible business hours and flexible delivery schedules. Contact us for the latest oat prices.

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Oat spec sheet

Trucks delivering oats must be free from foreign contaminants such as fertilizer, glass, etc. Please sweep trailer prior to loading to avoid cross contamination.

  • No mould or mildew

  • No foreign odors

  • No glyphosate

  • No unregistered chemicals

  • None heated

  • less than 1% wheat, barley

  • Moisture must be 13.5% or less 

  • Test weight- Must be 42.5 lbs per bushel or better

  • Less than 42.5 lbs per bushel subject to deductions. 

  • less than 2% wild oats

  • Less than 3 peas/lentils/Corn 1000 Grams

  • Dockage Deducted Through a 4.5 x 64 slot 

  • More than 8 % thins Deducted as Dockage

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We purchase these varietes to process at our facilities.

  • Summit 

  • Ruffian 

  • Morgan 

  • Weaver

  • Dancer 

  • Legget

  • Souris

  • Camden

  • Arborg

  • Douglas

  • Ore3542M

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